Drupal8 W3CSS Theme

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme is using the W3.CSS framework with built-in responsiveness: Smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks. - Easier to learn, and easier to use than other CSS frameworks. - Uses standard CSS only (No jQuery or JavaScript library). - Speeds up and simplifies web development. - Supports modern responsive design (mobile first) by default. - Provides CSS equality for all browsers. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and more. - Provides CSS equality for all devices. PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile. - Learn more about W3.CSS https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Background Color Classes

Drupal8 W3CSS Theme - Background Color Classes

The ability to set the background color on an HTML page has been around almost since the first Web browsers. However, with CSS you can define the background color, not only for the entire page, but also for individual elements using the background- color property. Unlike the color property, though, background colors are applied only to the element, and are not directly inherited by its children. That said, by the very fact they are within the parent, they will be set against that background. To define the background color of an element: 1. Add the background color property to your declaration list. Start your declaration by typing background-color, followed by a colon (:). background-color: 2. Specify the color value. Type a value for the background color. This value can be the name of the color or an RGB value. rgb(102,0,0); Alternatively, you could type transparent, which would allow the parent element’s background color to show through, or current color

Background Color Classes
Class Defines
w3-red Background color red
w3-pink Background color pink
w3-purple Background color purple
w3-deep-purple Background color deep purple
w3-indigo Background color indigo
w3-blue Background color blue
w3-light-blue Background color light blue
w3-cyan Background color cyan
w3-aqua Background color aqua
w3-teal Background color teal
w3-green Background color green
w3-light-green Background color light green
w3-lime Background color lime
w3-sand Background color sand
w3-khaki Background color khaki
w3-yellow Background color yellow
w3-amber Background color amber
w3-orange Background color orange
w3-deep-orange Background color deep orange
w3-blue-grey Background color blue grey
w3-brown Background color brown
w3-light-grey Background color light grey
w3-grey Background color grey
w3-dark-grey Background color dark grey
w3-black Background color black
w3-pale-red Background color pale red
w3-pale-yellow Background color pale yellow
w3-pale-green Background color pale green
w3-pale-blue Background color pale blue
w3-transparent Transparent background-color

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HTML is how Web pages are structured. CSS is how Web pages are designed. This book deals primarily with how to use CSS to add a visual layer to the HTML structure of your Web pages. CSS is a style sheet language; that is, it is not a programming language.

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CSS level 1 (CSS1) The W3C released the first official version of CSS in 1996. This early version included the core capabilities associated with CSS, such as the ability to format text, set fonts, and set margins. Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 3 and 4 support Level 1.

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The interpretation by the browser’s rendering engine is where your headaches begin. The W3C has gone to great lengths to create specifications by which browser developers should render the Web code.

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How does CSS work? When a visitor loads one of your Web pages, by either typing in the address or clicking a link, the server (the computer that stores the Web page) sends the HTML file to the visitor’s computer along with any files linked to or embedded in the HTML file.

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Hex or Decimal? Until recently, it was assumed that colors should always be declared in RGB hexadecimal notation. In fact, I still meet designers and developers who are completely unaware that they have alternatives.